In a market with an unprecedented oversupply of rigs, a small revolution is beginning to take shape in the offshore rig industry. Shipyards are stuck with a mountain of newbuilds cancelled by drilling companies forced to defend their current fleet and balance sheet.

Rig Fleet has adapted to this market situation to create new values for both operators and shipyards. Our solutions are derived from almost 40 years of experience, more than 260 rig transactions and a number of M&A deals on 5 different continents. Continue..

Rig fleet status reports
  • The decision to stack

    When the market is falling, rig owners are forced to choose between stacking and maintaining their rig fleet. While...

  • Counter-cyclical rig investments

    There are mainly 3 newbuild strategies: Initial contract, speculation and counter-cyclical. The risk in newbuild projects is usually high...

  • Offshore Rig Valuation

    Drilling rigs have different income potential based on projected profits. The net asset value (NAV) of a rig is a...